The Power Of Quantum Search Marketing: And How It Delivered 738% Growth In PPC Profit & 78% Growth In Online Visibility For Lipsy

Quantum Physics is the study of the very small. It studies the nature of the universe at the atomic and sub-atomic level to make sense of our world and how we can harness it. Quantum Search Marketing is therefore the study of the very granular. It is the opposite of ‘Big Data’ and instead studies the very small detail of a search campaign to deliver growth, ROI and profit. In this talk Franco De Bonis (Head of Digital Solutions) will outline how Red Hot Penny harnessed the power of Quantum Search Marketing to drive massive growth for Lipsy, a leading online fashion brand. However, these lessons will apply to virtually all businesses.

Event Paid Search & SEO Seminar 11 August 2016

Speaker/s Franco De Bonis, Head of Digital Solutions at Red Hot Penny,