Selligent Marketing Cloud Study Finds Consumer Expectations And Marketer Challenges Are Rising In Tandem

Fri 24th Aug

Survey of 7000+ Global Consumers Highlights Increasingly Difficult Marketing Environment Amid Rising Consumer Experience Expectations and Data Privacy Concerns

Selligent Marketing Cloud, the B2C marketing automation company, have issued the results of a global survey, which polled 7000 consumers on their brand engagement preferences, customer experience expectations, and marketing pet peeves.

The findings show that what consumers want overwhelmingly contradict their behaviour: expectations for personalised customer experience are high but so is consumer discomfort with sharing personal data that makes personalisation possible.

Consumers, overall, welcome brands to engage with them, especially when incentives are offered. This is particularly true when it pertains to geolocation marketing, with some generational differences:

Brands are having to do more personalised marketing with less information as company data practices are top-of-mind for most consumers:

Meanwhile, the ‘land grab’ approach towards data is still not an effective way to reach consumers:

“Undoubtedly, it’s an increasingly challenging environment for marketers as consumers today better understand how their data is being captured and used. The good news for marketers is that it appears that over time, as consumers grow more digitally savvy, their willingness to share data will increase. As our study shows, most are more open with brands they trust and when they see brands delivering value. Smart marketers will take a much closer look at their strategies and create personalised marketing campaigns that build customer confidence and deliver a consumer-first experience.” Nick Worth, CMO of Selligent Marketing Cloud

Brands today need to get creative when it comes to gathering the important data points that will boost marketing success. While consumers exhibit some willingness to share data, they typically only trust brands they know well for fear of a data breach.

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