Reckless Introduce #RecklessResearch To Tackle The Big Questions In Digital Marketing

Fri 8th Mar

Reckless have introduced #RecklessResearch and it is finally here and ready for you to take over!

As an agency, we see various stats that sometimes really do just make us scratch our head and pause for thought. We spend many hours, days and weeks scouring the internet to obtain certain data to support our client’s campaigns…so following on from one of our questions of ‘what’s your challenge’, we have set ourselves our own.

We are going to find the answers to some of the most challenging questions in digital marketing.

We are creating questions and letting you, along with other marketers, provide your answers or opinions. Not only that but you will then get to see how others have answered too.

Here’s how it will work (or if you want to just get started click here).

First, you will be shown a selection of the most challenging questions in digital marketing. Once you’ve been open and honest with your answers, you will then find out whether thousands of world-class marketers agree or disagree.

Here are some examples of questions that may be included:

Do you think a website should have a search feature in the header?
How often should you repurpose content?
Are social media influencers actually effective?

As a group of perfectionists, we’ve been testing #RecklessResearch with a selection of our clients. To say the results have been somewhat controversial would be an understatement…

Free information and access to data from thousands of marketers-surely there’s some kind of catch?

Well, and this may come as a surprise, before starting you don’t have to tell us your name, job title, where you live, or the name of your pet dog…nor will we ask you to sign up to any future communications.

Simply, we hope that by testing your knowledge and allowing you to discover resources on subjects you’re struggling with, that you share with others and help spread the word.

AND let’s not forget, we are giving you the option to ask your own questions, which will then be answered by thousands of marketers just like you.

Ready to get started, click here for your introduction into #RecklessResearch