illuma Included In Carat Top 10 Trends For 2019

Wed 20th Mar

Carat’s 10 Trends for 2019 report tracks the digital advances that are fuelling changes in consumers’ online behaviour, how technology is addressing these changes, and the implications for brands. illuma are proud to have been highlighted as a key technology for advertisers looking to scale audiences post-GDPR.

For advertisers, the implications of the roll out of GDPR has been real and have impacted them on a number of fronts including a reduced reach across targeted audiences and difficulties tracking and attributing campaign performance.

In this new world, understanding how new targeting parameters such as mood and advanced contextual analysis can be used effectively is going to be increasingly important. Carat’s report highlights the need for advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and increases in the speed of data processing will fuel performance benefits for brands during these tumultuous times.

illuma’s uniquely powerful AI technology was designed from the outset to to help brands find new customers online without the use of personal data. We believe that optimisation and scaling are not opposing ideas. Our advanced ad targeting looks beyond words on a page and sentiment to understand context and identify opportunities to reach relevant new audiences based on real-time campaign performance.

Here at illuma, we’re passionate about helping brands evolve their advertising strategy within an ethical framework that encourages long term value-based communication with consumers and robust technology partnerships. Our team ensures that our technology and partnerships deliver sophisticated but simple, open and transparent programmatic practices; we support industry wide initiatives for change (such as ISBA’s Trust Framework); and we empower the real value creators in the advertising ecosystem.