Honda and Arnold Clark Named as Digital Leaders in 2019 Automotive Digital Census Reports

Wed 30th Oct

Unlock all the results in the exclusive 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports to learn how the UK’s top brands and dealerships are performing digitally

Leading automotive dealership Arnold Clark Automobiles and brand Honda have ranked in poll position for their digital maturity in the 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports. Both automotive companies have beaten strong competition from larger rivals such as Lookers PLC and Ford.

The results were revealed by Kagool in the 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports. The reports uncovered the digital maturity of leading automotive companies and in-depth testing and analysis for ten core aspects of digital effectiveness for the automotive sector. The organisations featured in the report were tested across ten aspects, including email marketing, mobile website optimisation, customer service, and search marketing performance.

Digital transformation is challenging how the industry evolves. Automotive companies must re-assess their digital strategies to meet evolving consumer needs and expectations.

‘The automotive industry is extremely competitive. Having a strong online presence can build visibility and accelerate businesses ahead of competition. In some cases, the automotive companies we tested performed relatively well, but there’s a lot of great opportunities to build on the results we uncovered, that could really benefit each organisation.’ Craig Johnson, Head of Digital Strategy at Kagool.

Download the 2019 Automotive Digital Census reports to see the full results: