Future Home Interest Websites Start 2020 with Record-Breaking Audience Figures

Mon 10th Feb

RealHomes.com announces 505 per cent year-on-year organic growth in January


Future plc, the international media group and leading magazine publisher, announced record-breaking audience figures for its Home Interest website in January, with each site recording its highest ever numbers of unique users and visits.

Despite achieving record figures in December 2019, the Future Home network, which includes RealHomes.com, Homebuilding.co.uk and Plotfinder.net, grew again in January 2020, increasing their audience by 34 per cent month-on-month and 218 per cent year-on-year. 


The UK’s fastest-growing homes website Realhomes.com once again led the way in registering 31 per cent month-on-month and 505 per cent year-on-year growth. But there were also new records for Homebuilding.co.uk (+40 per cent month-on-month and +28 per cent year-on-year) and Plotfinder.net (+53 per cent month-on-month and +31 per cent year-on-year).


While the home improvement market is traditionally strong in January, the year-on-year numbers show there is more to this success than simply capitalising on seasonality – strong brands, great content and Future’s cutting-edge technology platform are all major contributing factors to the ongoing organic growth.


This sustained period of audience growth follows hot on the heels of the Future Home Network taking the top spot in the lifestyles – home/architecture category in Comscore’s November rankings update. 


Paul Newman, Brand Director of Audience at Future Home Interest, says, “Future’s digital brands are taking the home interest sector by storm. These results show we are offering consumers a fresh, modern and unique perspective on their homes. And we’re doing it by marrying the expertise of our talented journalists with Future’s Vanilla technology platform, creating new routes to market for our commercial partners in the process. We had an exceptional 2019, so to start a new year with such an surge in organic growth sets us up well for the year ahead.” 


Sam Robson, Director of Audience at Future, adds, “We’re delighted that Future’s Home Interest division is reporting such strong numbers. The performance is the perfect example of what happens when we apply Future’s proven audience growth model in conjunction with talented editorial teams working on strong brands. Congratulations to all of the home interest team on their success.”