British Pathé TV Chooses StreamAMG To Re-Launch SVOD Platform

Mon 11th Mar

British Pathé has announced a partnership with StreamAMG to relaunch British Pathé TV, an online video streaming service featuring hundreds of full-length documentaries and classic movies.

British Pathé is one of the oldest media companies in the world. Over the course of a century, it recorded every aspect of global culture and news for the cinema with a unique combination of information and entertainment. British Pathé’s documentaries, newsreels, serials and films changed the way the world saw itself forever.

Today, British Pathé has over one million subscribers across its YouTube channels and runs a successful footage licensing business, also representing the Reuters historical collection. Its latest venture, British Pathé TV, is an SVOD service aimed at the general public.

“StreamAMG’s Media Platform gives British Pathé TV what it needs to grow and to solidify itself as the specialist alternative to the mainstream broadcast channels. We now have the tools to build a stronger relationship with history buffs, royal watchers, cinema aficionados, train enthusiasts, and other specialist audiences that conventional services are failing to cater for.” Alastair White, CEO, British Pathé Ltd

The British Pathé TV subscription service is loaded with classic and contemporary factual entertainment, but the company yearned for a better video solution providing greater in-house control and transparency, with full analytics. These needs were met by StreamAMG’s two world-class products: MediaPlatform and CloudPay.

MediaPlatform is StreamAMG’s online video platform, hosted in Europe and optimised for global delivery. Built on the award-winning Kaltura CE codebase, the codebase is hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure with auto-scaling and delivered via the Akamai and CloudFront CDNs. It includes our super-fast HTLM5 player suitable for desktop, mobile and connected devices.

CloudPay is the first comprehensive payment and user management platform that integrates detailed video data into user retention recommendations. The system brings together the power of the best payment gateways like PayPal, Worldpay and Stripe in a single interface that adds rule creation, package creation, CRM, reporting and anti-churn.

With these tools in place, British Pathé TV is now ready to look for affiliate marketing partners that can help the service reach its target audiences.

British Pathé TV is available to everyone, anywhere in the world via the website. It complements the existing British Pathé newsreel archive, which remains free-to-view on its separate website.