BlueVenn Selects Adestra As Its Email Marketing Technology Partner

Fri 30th Jun

BlueVenn reveal new Adestra email connector, enabling marketers to leverage best-of-breed technologies to create and execute customer-focused marketing campaigns.

Leading MarTech providers BlueVenn and Adestra have announced today that they have formed an alliance to combine the Single Customer View, analytics and segmentation capabilities of the BlueVenn Customer analytics and real-time customer journey automation platform with Adestra’s email marketing solution.

The partnership allows for collaboration across the two businesses supported by joint marketing initiatives and co-innovation in the data, analytics and automation space to address the challenges faced by modern customer-focused marketers.

“This technology partnership is particularly interesting for us due to the nature of Adestra’s multi-brand capabilities. We already share some fantastic clients where they require both insight and marketing automation capabilities across more than one brand, so deepening our existing relationship makes sense. This new connector as part of BlueVenn 2017.2 means great news for our existing Adestra clients who wish to dive deeper into their customer data and build sophisticated campaigns. It will also benefit those seeking a complete marketing analytic and customer journey management solution with the flexibility to fit comfortably into their existing stack.” Anthony Botibol, Marketing Director, BlueVenn

The announcement is accompanied by today’s 2017.2 release of BlueVenn on 30 June and a new connector that provides a two-way flow of data between the two solutions, as well as the ability to trigger Adestra email campaigns directly within BlueVenn.

The new two-way integration allows for the seamless transfer of analytics-driven customer segments into Adestra’s enterprise email marketing platform to execute highly targeted campaigns, bringing the resulting data from the campaigns back into the BlueVenn Customer Data Platform for further analysis and insight.

Over the coming months, the BlueVenn and Adestra teams will continue to work closely on providing vital capabilities for multi-brand organisations, with a particular focus in the retail, publishing and leisure sectors. The collaboration helps solve the unique problems that multi-brand organisations face in the process of becoming First-Person Marketers and reaching their customers in a hyper-personalised way, at scale, throughout the customer journey.

“In an increasingly busy MarTech landscape, it’s become more important than ever to bring clarity to complexity. That refers not only to connecting the technology dots, but also dots in your customers’ journeys to bring them a holistic message and experience across channels. Our partnership with BlueVenn offers marketers an integrated best-of-breed solution and brings the capability of using customer insight to create personalised communications at scale like never before.” Liz Smith, Head of Partnerships, Adestra

For more information about BlueVenn’s connectors, get in touch with Alternatively, you can a demonstration of BlueVenn and Adestra by contacting BlueVenn directly (US: 617 207 8685. UK: 0117 943 5800), or fill out the form here.