affilinet News: affilinet Integrate OBA AdChoices Icon

Wed 13th Apr

The UK division of affilinet has integrated the OBA AdChoices icon into all of their customer-centric advertising; giving customers the choice to opt out of targeted ads displayed to them as a result of their browsing history.

As the public debate surrounding targeted ads continues, affilinet has become the first affiliate network to integrate the OBA AdChoices icon onto all of the adverts offered to publishers as a default setting.

The performance marketing network, affilinet, has announced the launch of OBA AdChoices, with immediate effect. Customers can now notice the distinctive AdChoices icon in the top right hand corner of any advert a publisher has featured from affilinet.

AdChoices software gives customers the opportunity to opt out of targeted adverts, that are displayed specifically to them based on their browsing history; a practice known as Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). Although this type of targeting is designed to produce more tailored adverts, in addition to more effectively deliver results for advertisers, the practice has caused concerns as many users are unhappy with the lack of consent and privacy relating to their personal web searches.

As a measure of transparency, the team at affilinet has extended the required ASA regulation that now monitors Online Behavioural Advertising, to self-regulate their processes by implementing AdChoices across all of the adverts that are on offer for publishers to display to their visitors. When the icon is clicked by the customer, they are redirected to a page where they can manage their privacy settings and opt out of the targeted adverts if they so choose.

This is the latest move made as part of the company’s best practice strategy and the first major UK affiliate network to implement to AdChoices icon across all banner advertising.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, commented:

“Transparency and best practice is central to affilinet’s ethos and we feel strongly about ensuring we follow best practice guidelines with regard to the use of data and advertising via our large network of affiliate websites.  The implementation of AdChoices supports our affiliates in following best practice guidelines and offering consumers the option to opt out of behavioural advertising if they wish.”