affilinet launch its new streamlined reporting dashboard – affilinet Assist

Tue 23rd Feb

affilinet News

London, 23.02.2016

affilinet launch its new streamlined reporting dashboard- affilinet Assist, bringing greater insight into the customer journey for advertisers.

affilinet Assist allows advertisers to gain a deeper insight into the value that affiliates have in the purchasing journey beyond the last click. The streamlined reporting, allows advertisers to use the data to better inform and adapt their affiliate marketing strategies.

affilinet today announces the launch of affilinet assist, which allows advertisers to identify and understand the role individual affiliates play in the purchasing journey. An extension to affilinet’s current reporting dashboard, the flexible and automated tool offers greater insight and understanding of the advertisers affiliate marketing activity.

This is the first phase of planned reporting enhancements. The next release to follow shortly will allow affiliates to view this report for their own traffic. Affiliates will be able to view where they have assisted sales and not won but also where other affiliates have assisted in the purchasing journey. Further developments planned will allow advertisers the flexibility to reward affiliates in different ways to the traditional last click model.

“Our solution makes it clear which business models and which publishers are leading the way in each campaign. This will get discourse on alternative attribution strategies going and lead to short-term or long-term changes in compensation for those publishers who make valuable contributions,” commented Christian Würst, affilinet CEO.

Helen Southgate, UK Managing Director said, “We wanted to take steps not only to improve the reporting of our current customer journey tracking for advertisers but to also develop this to allow affiliates to have access to this insight. affilinet Assist supports account managers, advertisers and publishers to make informed decisions about their affiliate marketing activity and gain greater insight into the true value of that activity.”

Advertisers can access affilinet assist through the existing affilinet interface where the dashboard shows an overview of how sales are assisted across all of the affiliates on their programme.