affilinet launch Assist for Publishers

Wed 23rd Mar

A statistics tool which improves clarity in the performance marketing process has been expanded to offer publishers a transparent view on the sales they have won and lost, and to whom they have lost out to.

 Publishers signed up to the performance marketing network, affilinet (, will now have access to a dashboard designed specifically to showcase where they have assisted sales and not won but also where other affiliates have assisted in the purchasing journey and the sales they have won.

The tool, affilinet Assist, has previously only been available to advertisers, allowing them to identify the publishers that have regularly assisted their sales. Now, the team at affilinet has expanded the tool in order to offer a publishers’  view; showcasing all of the sales the publisher in question has assisted on; including those that they have lost commission on as well as won. In real time, they will be able to see how their own business compares to wider affiliate business models, i.e. pure content versus voucher codes and cashback.

Further to this, another measure to improve the transparency of the process is a thorough reporting process for the publishers; offering them the opportunity to apply various filters, such as date and programme type.

The development is intended to aid publishers as they analyse their results and ultimately seek to improve their conversions; opening discussions and developing the working relationships between advertisers and publishers.

The publishers’ view is an extension upon the existing Assist tool that was previously only available to advertisers on the network; allowing clients to see the role that various publishers played during the customer journey.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, commented on the launch of affilinet Assist:

“One of our core strategies is increasing the amount of insight and data that we give to publishers to help support them in driving revenue for our advertisers.  Expanding the affilinet Assist reporting to allow publishers to see where they not only lose out on sales but also where they are assisted by other affiliates will hopefully give a more rounded view of their activity and open up new opportunities”