Carol Howley

Global Marketing Manager - B2B & Partners

Carol currently leads Skyscanner’s Corporate Travel Management tool TravelPro. She is responsible for organising the marketing team to build growth with a mission to test, track, measure and redesign products and campaigns to drive success. Alongside traditional marketing, advertising and PR, her and her team are obsessing with A/B tests, landing pages, virality factors and email deliverability rates.

Michael Briggs

Head of SEO & Content Strategy

Michael is the Head of SEO at Skyscanner where he’s responsible for SEO and content strategy on a global basis. Michael’s worked across some of the world’s largest bluechip sites in a range of agency environments. In his role at Skyscanner he gets to indulge his love of tech, content and understanding what users and search engines want from websites to create business value. Michael is a self-confessed geek who looks at where markets are going to focus on long-term successes through increased market penetration.