Rixxo is a curious, unique and experienced team of individual creative, technological and business minds. Our agency exists to lead our clients to the highest levels of success, engaging and exciting their audiences, whilst providing a supportive, innovative and fun workplace for creative professionals. We’re on a mission to redefine audience engagement.


Richard Gee


Richard Gee is Co-Founder of Bristol based Rixxo. He’s known to be wildly creative, passionate, bold, and completely in his element when finding creative uses for digital technologies. He has a broad digital experience and works closely with clients around the world, from SMEs to FTSE and NASDAQ listed multinational companies creating innovative campaigns, products, and digital experiences. His clients operate in a variety of sectors including entertainment, retail, FMCG, and travel, but all have a common expectation of delivering high quality and engaging experiences to their audiences.

Christopher Gee

Managing Director

I believe that every client has a container.  A virtual wall that sets the limits of timescale, budget, reach or other resources. It’s our job to work within this container and push against the walls delivering as much as we can, at the highest quality, so that the container grows. We must be respectful of these limits and find new and innovative ways to deliver inside of them. I challenge the team at Rixxo to push boundaries without taking unnecessary risks, all the while retaining a high level of respect for budget limitations and the need for carefully considered planning. Rixxo is on a mission to redefine audience engagement. Want to join in?


Anand Mavani

Audience Expert

With a wealth of experience in delivering social media, content marketing and brand strategy for a number of leading brands, Anand is now the Audience Expert at Rixxo, a creative agency based in Bristol. Passionate about engagement, and educating brands on how they can drive more revenue, engagement and brand equity through simple marketing hacks, and UGC campaigns. Anand is responsible for managing the breadth of UK clients, with household names such as Boohoo, River Island and Travelzoo amongst a few to note. An example of Anand’s work can be found online by searching #ImWearingRI.


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