Having studied millions of words, phrases and sentences, we’ve proven there is a science to human language. Phrasee uses artificial intelligence to generate email marketing language that outperforms humans. And it works – awesomely.


Natalie Johnson

Head of Sales

Dealing with email marketers for over 7 years has allowed Natalie to understand how best to optimise CRM performance. After working for one of the UK’s largest ESPs as Head of Sales, Natalie opted to join the Phrasee team to specialise in AI and the email marketing journey. When Natalie isn’t advising leading brands on their CRM strategies, you’ll find her jamming to Toto’s Africa.

Stefan Britton


Stefan has spent the last 8 years in email marketing as CCO of one of the UK’s largest ESPs. Stefan joined Phrasee as CCO to help continue Phrasee’s incredible growth and to oversee its international expansion. He likes to use long words to make himself look more photosynthesis.

Parry Malm


Parry is CEO of Phrasee, the artificial intelligence software that writes better subject lines than humans. He won the “UK Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” award in November 2016, so there’s at least a chance he knows what he’s doing. When not writing about himself in the third-person, he helps wayward youths see the error of their ways through the magic of interpretive dance.


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