NHS Blood and Transplant

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and Social Care. We are responsible for the collection, manufacturing and issuing of blood products to the NHS in England. Blood is donated by altruistic donors at one of the 23,000 donation sessions held in England each year. Each donation has the potential to save or improve up to three lives. We are responsible for the collection of organs and tissues for transplantation. NHSBT manages the Organ Donor Register with over 25 million people signed up, we support patients, donors and their families throughout the donation and transplantation process.



Gareth Humphreys

Head of Insight, Strategy, and Innovation
NHS Blood and Transplant

Gareth Humphreys has been working in Insight and Analysis for nearly 15 years, starting out as an intelligence analyst with the Metropolitan Police before moving to NHS Blood and Transplant in 2010 as a Senior Insight Analyst and becoming Head of Insight Strategy and Innovation in 2017. At NHSBT Gareth has analysed the impact of NHSBT’s Blood Donation campaigns and direct marketing activities, provided the insight behind the campaigns such as Missing Type, and is currently establishing what communications make new donors convert.


Blood Donation In A Digital World

by Gareth Humphreys, Head of Insight, Strategy, and Innovation at NHS Blood and Transplant