We are a Big Idea Engineering company.

We engineer our clients big ideas into significantly better business outcomes by focusing on:

* Achieving customer acquisition goals
* Improving conversion rates
* Increasing revenue
* Entering or creating a new market
* Validation of service or product idea
* Mitigation of technical risk
* Reducing time to market
* Acquire complete customer data

We’ve helped iconic British home furnishing retailer, Graham & Brown, to grow global ecommerce sales by £2.95 million.

We built the online presence of London Live, London’s newest TV station. The platform brings together live and catch-up TV, ad serving, news, travel, weather and editorial to give viewers a truly cross-platform, next generation user experience.

We’ve launched NearDesk, a service using an Oyster-like smart card to bring together workers with available desk space at over 250 venues across the UK.

We’ve helped Victrex PLC, a global manufacturer of high performance polymers operating in the medical, aerospace and electronics industries, to drive a 30% increase in CRM leads.

Learn more about our thinking at http://graph.uk/insight

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