CrowdCat makes interactive ads and landing sites that catalyse impressions and followers into active customers. Our most active client increased annual lead generation in 2014 by 75x (to 7.5 million records) over 220 separate pieces of activity spanning 35 markets. On average even for a single piece of activity we deliver 350 per cent of the performance at 10 per cent of the cost based on average agency campaigns. Our numbers are impressive because we care about facts and use real data to design with.

Making effective interactive ads and landing sites is about understanding how different audiences, types of interaction and behaviour relate. CrowdCat has produced hundreds of campaigns on behalf of its brands and gathered behavioural data from billions of interactions. We use this data to more accurately predict how audiences will respond to an ad or landing space and therefore how to select and design to deliver your required KPIs. Our sophisticated analytics and data capture strategies mean that we will not only acquire more users into your CRM but also demographics, geographics and psychographics that will massively increase insight into your brand’s audience.


Richard Summers


Richard is an internationally awarded marketer and scientist who condensed two decades of experience and ideas into the creation of CrowdCat, a data driven adtech platform, in January 2014. Since its inception Crowdcat has had meteoric success delivering massive ROI increments for market leading organisation. As CEO, Richard drives his organisation to continuously reinvent the possibilities of what the unity of creativity and big data can achieve.


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