Communicator is a strategic email service partner focused on helping ambitious brands optimise their performance across multiple channels.

Our expertise, industry-leading guidance and first class customer experience provide unrivalled engagement and ROI.

We are more than software and automation technology – Communicator stands out because of our people, our high quality counsel and our consistent delivery of truly impactful results.

We pride ourselves on the longevity of our customer relationships and industry-leading partnerships across multiple channels, allowing our clients to out-perform and stay one step ahead of their competition.


Lucy Keegan

Key Account Manager

Lucy Keegan is a Key Account Manager at Communicator, working with some of their largest customers. Lucy helps customers execute their marketing plans in line with their business strategy by working together to optimise performance across email and multiple other marketing channels. She is passionate about Communicator’s Customer Success ethos and endeavours to make sure customers are pushing the boundaries with their email marketing and achieving breakthrough results.

Gareth Boyd

Business Development Manager

Gareth is a Business Development Manager at Communicator who is passionate about helping customers to ease the process of email marketing. Gareth has vast experience helping businesses from a variety of sectors. Gareth has an understanding of the challenges that email marketers face and works in partnership with them to create solutions that result in greater efficiency and ROI.

Jamie Jalleh


Jamie is a designer at Communicator, responsible for designing, building, and testing emails for Communicator and its customers, including Adidas, The Co-op, Makro, and SSE. With over 10 years in the software and design industry, he also has experience in a variety of other aspects of design, including video editing and animation, as well as traditional print.

Vicki Park

Account Manager

Vicki is responsible for client relationships with some of Communicator’s Key Accounts. Her aim is to help enhance customers digital communications and help them achieve their overall business objectives. Fully understanding the clients strategy and objectives is the key to enable Vicki to work with them and put plans in place to help achieve these. Testament to her great work, Vicki won Account Manager of the Year in 2016.

Georgia Lambert

Account Manager

Georgia is an Account Manager at Communicator and has worked in digital marketing for the last 4 years. Her passion and dedication to helping customers achieve their business goals means she can work in partnership with them at every stage and sustain high levels of satisfaction.


Guy Dowsett

Enterprise Account Manager

Guy is an Enterprise Account Manager at Communicator. IDM Qualified, Guy loves nothing more than understanding his customers objectives and working with them on achieving ground breaking results.

Paul Lucherini

Head of Customer Success

Paul is Head of Customer success at Communicator and passionate about delivering real tangible results for customers. Having worked with some fantastic brands across his career such as Kellogg’s, Adidas, Nestle and The Co-op, Paul is now fully embracing the new Customer Success landscape and is proud to be considered a thought leader within various global forums.

The aim of the game has always been to fully understand customer objectives and work in partnership to achieve some pretty exciting results, which drive long term customer value. Combined with the Communicator technology the team are able to action and drive the results.

David Kelly

Enterprise Account Manager

David is an Enterprise Account Manager at Communicator. Communicator are an Email Service provider and are experts in email. David works with a number of ambitious brands to deliver results that they can’t get anywhere else. David offers strategic advice to his customers and is supported in taking his customers on a journey towards email sophistication by the wider team of email experts within Communicator.

Ben Tomlinson

Strategic Marketing Manager

Ben is Strategic Marketing Manager at Communicator. He focuses on the technology behind great email marketing, keeping a close eye on industry and software developments. Ben is passionate about great email marketing, helping Communicator customers achieve email marketing sophistication.

Steve Henderson

Compliance Officer

With a background in software and database development, Steve has spent the last decade specialising in email marketing solutions. At Communicator, Steve has been responsible for developing the email delivery, analytics and reporting systems. Currently, Steve is focused on bringing recipient engagement analysis to mainstream email marketing and compliance for digital marketers under international data protection reforms. In 2012, Steve joined the Email Marketing Council’s Legal and Best Practice hub and authored the DMA’s email marketing best practice guides. Steve was recently recognised as a 2015 Litmus email marketing thought-leader in the area of deliverability and privacy.

Andy Ho

Data Insight Manager

Andy is the Data Insight Manager at Communicator, having joined the team in 2014. With a comprehensive understanding of digital and email marketing, Andy recognises the challenges brands face in engaging with existing and new customers. Andy is responsible for providing insight and action across Communicator’s key business sectors including travel, retail, financial services and not-for-profit. Andy has a wealth of knowledge in data analysis and has advised brands such as The Co-operative Group and Yours Clothing on their marketing strategies, using best practice to achieve their objectives.


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