Agency: RedEye

RedEye helped Warner to analyse its customer data, which allowed the company to produce engaging campaigns that would increase conversion and sales. 

The Challenge

Like most ecommerce sites Warner was aware it needed to get a better understanding of its users and customers. The company wanted to produce a true single customer view which could then be used for accurate segmentation.

The Strategy

Utilising RedEye’s data insight service, Warner was able to delve into its customer data and extract valuable customer segments that had previously gone unnoticed. The plan was then to use these segments to produce engaging campaigns that would increase conversion and help the company meet its current online sales targets.

To begin the analysis RedEye overlaid all of Warner’s transactional data (including both online and offline bookings), with all the behavioural data previously collected through RedEye tags. Analysing this data and identifying patterns in behaviour, eight new transactional segments and five different engagement segments were created.

Using these segments Warner are able to devise highly targeted campaigns based on sales requirements. On average three to four bespoke campaigns are created a week to help the company achieve its online conversion goals. Campaigns are devised based on what the company needs to push, but are now only targeted at the right customers. Not only does this greatly improve conversion, but also improves their customers’ experiences.

The Results

Using the data insight project Warner implemented a range of highly effective campaigns. One of the most successful was using data based on the distance customers were willing to travel to a Warner hotel. This was then utilised to sell both last minute availability and cross-sell other hotels within the customers’ preferred drive time.

The results from this targeted campaign include an average open rate of 29 per cent and an average click-through rate of over 30 per cent. On average 3 per cent of customers who click on these emails go on to make a booking.


“What stands out to us about RedEye is the company is not just an ESP, the team really have helped us improve our email marketing. Through intelligent data analysis RedEye has enabled us to produce truly engaging campaigns. The drive time segment, based on the distance guests are willing to travel has enabled us to successfully promote last minute availability and has worked as an effective cross-sell. We’re now using our data in a much smarter way to ensure we are targeting the right people, with the right message, to obtain sales figure we want.” Email Marketing Executive at Warner