Agency: Awin

Fashion retailer TOPSHOP had the objective to be more innovative with publishers on their programme, and to incentivise publishers via Awin’s Opportunity Marketplace tool.

The Challenge

In a competitive online market, fashion retailer TOPSHOP had the objective to be more innovative with publishers on their programme. Focussing on bloggers and content sites, the aim was to increase brand awareness via high quality content and blog posts.

Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunity Marketplace is a tool which empowers publishers to set the terms and commercials under which they operate. As there is often more than one advertising option on a publisher site, advertisers can effortlessly contact, manage and select these opportunities including social and blog posts, product features and gifting opportunities, to be viewed and considered by brands in an easy-to-use directory. Opportunity Marketplace makes it easy for publishers to showcase their diversity and make it easier for advertisers to find new opportunities.

The Strategy

TOPSHOP allocated a monthly budget to spend within the Opportunity Marketplace with bloggers and content sites who listed and promoted relevant advertising options for the programme.

As well as a tool for diversifying their exposure each month, TOPSHOP also used the Opportunity Marketplace to search for new content sites and bloggers that may have not been joined to their programme.

The Results

Four per cent of total programme bloggers were recruited in one month. Uplift in traffic, sales and revenue across bloggers with an average of:

  • 52 per cent traffic uplift
  • 110 per cent uplift in content sales from period July 2015 to January 2016.