Titan Travel

Agency: Caliber


Titan Travel is a UK-based travel provider, specialising in escorted tours. They partnered with award-winning, holistic digital marketing agency, Caliber, to generate awareness of Titan Travel’s India tours, particularly for any female solo travellers who may have safety concerns, and to inspire potential customers.


Caliber focused on Titan’s unique selling points, exploring what sets the brand apart from their competitors. It became clear the expertise of Titan’s industry-leading tour guides resonated with past customers. Indeed, they found that many Titan customers followed their guide from one tour to the next as people trust their guides to make exceptional holiday experiences.

Collaborating with Titan, Caliber brought these trustworthy, expert voices online to answer consumers’ most-asked questions – culminating in the microsite Inside India: Travel Tips and Ideas.


The collaboration resulted in:

  • 500 percent return on investment (ROI) in the first month
  • 75 percent of new bookings were made by solo females.

The project was so successful a series of ‘Inside’ projects have been commissioned, with each one focusing on consumer questions about dream travel destinations.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this type of content presented in this way – it’s really good! Can we do more ‘Inside’ features?” Andy Squirrell, Managing Director, Titan Travel