The National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

Agency: Absolute Digital Media

The National Childbirth Trust are the UK’s leading charity for parents, offering support through the first 1,000 days. They run parenting courses and classes which enable the attendees to gain impartial advice and meet other new parents in the community.

The Challenge

NCT had been running the Google Grant account for a significant period of time, however, due to the existing structure of the campaign and the fact that it was not following the Grant’s guidelines, they were at risk of losing the Grant altogether.

As the campaign was sitting below the minimum Google Grant requirements, The National Childbirth Trust found themselves competing against major retail companies which resulted in a low CTR and high Cost Per Conversion prior to Absolute Digital Media taking over the account.

Quality Scores on the account were also very low, which could ultimately result in account suspension. NCT partnered with Absolute Digital Media to help rectify these issues.

The Strategy

The first step for Absolute Digital Media was to conduct carefully selected keyword research, using various tools to determine the most effective keywords for the campaign based on relevancy and search volume.

They also implemented a highly granular campaign, segmenting keywords into 6 sections: Brand, Branches, Commerce, Events, Info and Professional.

Additionally, they set up 17 campaigns with 259 ad groups, 4714 keywords and 822 text ads and used granular campaign targeting for ad schedule and location.

It was also important to ensure that they were getting the most from their Google Grant, particularly the maximise conversions feature.

The Results

The partnership was a huge success and saw a:

  • 12.37 per cent reduction in CPC in year one
  • 12.37 per cent increase in bookings for antenatal and prenatal courses
  • 84.61 per cent increase in time on site
  • 19.23 per cent reduction in CPC compared to benchmark