The Money Advice Service

Agency: RedEye

The Money Advice Service saw a 163 per cent increase in engagement due to combined user research and testing.

The Challenge

The Money Advice Service‘s main aim is to encourage increased engagement with their website and the advice available online to consumers. The Money Advice Service selected RedEye to help deliver quick wins for their business, generating increases in engagement swiftly.

The Solution

RedEye’s team of UX designers worked to re-model the pension calculator results page, making the information appear clearer on the page. The team also added tabs at the top of the main results box allowing the user to move from one tab to another, rather than having an overload of information all on one page. Finally, they added more information to the page with the purpose of helping the user understand the numbers provided.

The test was complex, as there were several variables that impacted the results, all of which needed to be clearly designed, technically viable and work smoothly with one another.

The Results

Thanks to the combined knowledge from RedEye Optimisation’s UX and CRO teams, we were able to create a winning test for the Money Advice Service, which delivered a simpler page to navigate, which was visually appealing.

This particular test ran for a total of ten weeks. The results revealed that rearranging the content in the pension calculator results page increased engagement with the sliders by nine per cent, and engagement with the ‘next steps’ by 163 per cent.

“The team at RedEye Optimisation are always great at helping us make quick impact changes to our website. On this particular project, RedEye suggested using a combination of user research and experimentation, allowing what our users really think, to drive our next A/B test. The results are clear, the changes have made our pensions calculator tool far easier to use.” Product Manager at The Money Advice Service

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