Agency: RedEye

RedEye worked with SuperBreak to undertake A/B Testing to optimise its Theatre Breaks product page.

The Challenge

RedEye has been helping SuperBreak to optimise its online presence since 2014. In this project, SuperBreak was looking to reduce clutter on its Theatre Breaks product page, and keep the users attention focused on the areas of interest that will help them explore and choose from the available theatre breaks.

The Strategy

RedEye’s User Experience driven approach to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) utilises analysis of customer experience to generate insights and hypotheses for testing. RedEye held workshops with the SuperBreak team to plan a programme of testing that aligned with business priorities.

This specific test was focused on the redesign of the Theatre Breaks product page layout, with the aim of increasing bookings.

Redesigning the Theatre Breaks category landing page will improve engagement with specific breaks and the categories content. Applying a refined two-column layout with less distraction will improve the perception and discovery of breaks offered, leading to greater conversions.

Variation One
This variation included: a two-column layout; a search panel for Theatre searches only; a new carousel design, with numbered slides; simplified ‘Top Selling Theatre Breaks’ section; ‘Inspire Me’ section changed to ‘Browse Theatre Break Categories’, including more items, and the
addition of unique selling propositions and client testimonial elements at the bottom.

Variation Two
As above, but an ‘All Product’ search panel instead of a ‘Theatre Only’ search panel.


The Results

The two-column redesign saw variation one increase engagement with ‘Top selling Theatre Breaks’ by 65.85 per cent, and a conversion uplift of 61.74 per cent was seen on theatre bookings during the test period. Variation one also saw an overall uplift in revenue of 29.39 per cent.

Whilst the control on the live site was driving users predominantly towards the search and carousel elements, variation one and two have redressed the balance of visibility, and clicks have spread accordingly across ‘top/popular breaks’ and ‘browse theatre categories’ sections. Users are likely to be now finding a more comfortable sense of control and ability to explore shows of interest under the new variations.

Looking at variation one, the use of the targeted ‘theatre specific’ search panel has driven the more committed funnel traffic through to conversion on theatre bookings.

SuperBreak are in the process of applying this layout to other product pages.

From The Client…

“We were really pleased with the outcomes of this specific campaign as it revolutionised the design of our ‘Theatre Break’ product page and will be rolled out to our other product pages too.”