Agency: RedEye

RedEye worked with Start-rite to undertake an extensive data insight project, identifying key RFM groups allowing specific targeting of unique discount codes.

The Challenge

Start-rite were looking to find a solution that would allow them to target specific groups of online customers, with tailored discounts to encourage more sales and increase their life time value. However, as a high end retailer, they needed a method of doing this that meant they didn’t have to run the risk of the codes being leaked online or shared.

The Strategy

To help Start-rite find a solution to their problem, RedEye carried out a data analysis project to identify RFM groups from Start-rite’s customer base, looking at their transactional data from the last five years. VIP groups through to lapsed and lapsing groups were identified along with the strategy and objectives to maximise their lifetime value. Based on this, RedEye created a unique merge field which allowed Start-rite to pull unique codes into their emails to incentivise lapsed or lapsing groups, this avoided the issue with using generic codes that can be shared and used multiple times.

Start-rite were able to use these codes within email to target specific groups of customers, for example:

  • New customers who had made a purchase: to incentivise a second sale and increase the customer’s life time value
  • New customers who have not yet made a purchase: to incentivise the first sale
  • Customers who had become lapsed: to re-engage and encourage them to shop with Start-rite again.

Having set up a unique merge field for each of these groups, Start-rite were able to offer larger or smaller discounts where appropriate.

The Results

The results that each email campaign achieved are as follows:

Welcome Purchased Email – From sending a specific welcome journey to customers who have already made a purchase, Start-rite have achieved a 5.59 per cent conversion rate. The email helped to drive customers to make a second purchase within the next 70 days of signing up, increasing their customer’s life time value and encouraging these customers to become a repeat high value purchaser.

Welcome Not Purchased Email – Driving the first purchase within the first 24 days of sign-up is essential to reach the customer when they are most engaged and looking to buy. With the unique code merge Start-rite have been able to offer an incentive to customers, which led to a conversion rate of 4.85 per cent.

Reactivation Email – From targeting 3852 lapsing customers who were not engaging with the brand and hadn’t made a purchase for some time, Start-rite achieved a 27.53 per cent conversation rate and a 1022 per cent ROI from this email.

Another great result from the project was that codes were not leaked or shared online as they were unique to each customer, also Start-rite did not lose revenue through offering its discounts to untargeted groups either.