Agency: RedEye

Radley+Co achieves 28% reduction in checkout abandonment through RedEye’s CRO process.

The Challenge

Online retailers have always relied on testing to help them optimise their websites and improve sales. However, deciding what and when to test is often a challenge. Luxury bags and accessories retailer Radley+Co was aware precious time and effort can be wasted through failing to prioritise testing effectively.

Radley+Co wanted to find an efficient way to test their site in order to identify what needed to be changed to optimise its online business.

The Strategy

Radley+Co worked with RedEye to implement a structured approach of conversion rate optimisation. The process begins by identifying a series of business objectives and KPIs. Information and insights gained from analytics and usability testing is then fed into an optimisation dashboard and evaluated based on the objectives and KPIs. This optimisation dashboard is central to RedEye’s approach as it allows data, insights and ideas from diverse sources to be brought together in a single repository where they can be easily compared, tracked and analysed. Having all the relevant insights and ideas collated and comparable enables RedEye’s analytics team and user experience team to analyse (together) the data and insights, thus effectively prioritising and substantiating where Radley+Co should focus its efforts.

With Radley+Co, a significant discrepancy identified in the analytical data suggested a problem with the checkout process. To precisely identify the source and reason for the problem a deeper understanding of user experience was needed.

The usability research started with a two day usability test using participants matching Radley+Co’s target audience segments. RedEye’s extensive retail experience and rigorous approach to testing, with expert moderation and analysis, professional user recruitment and integrated eye tracking enabled in-depth exploration of user experience issues and generated rich insights in a short time.

Every insight was added to those already in RedEye’s CRO dashboard where a correlation of supporting data and insights pinpointed exactly where and what within the checkout process was the cause for the high customer drop-off. RedEye put together a series of recommendations supported by strong evidence from the user experience research. A video analysis of users was included to substantiate the recommendations. A prioritised programme of work was implemented to address all issues, with the checkout process given top priority.

Due to the seriousness of the checkout issue, RedEye’s UX designers proposed a UCD process to improve this area. Following a meeting with Radley+Co regarding the feasibility of the necessary technical alterations, RedEye embarked on a UCD project to redesign the payment pages with the aim of simplifying and improving the user experience, within the limitations of the ecommerce platform.

RedEye’s user experience team developed high fidelity prototypes to demonstrate what changes could be made to optimise the checkout process. These prototypes included advanced JavaScript software to fully replicate the proposed user interface. RedEye then subjected the prototypes to further usability testing in order to make an informed decision about what changes would have the greatest impact on user experience and checkout conversion.
Following the testing sessions, final amendments were made to the prototypes. In order to support the technical and build team, annotations were added and technical specifications were created in order to ensure a succinct and smooth transition to ensure nothing was lost when the new design was implemented.

Through each step of the conversion rate optimisation process RedEye was able to present findings and analysis in a coherent and informed manner. Testing of rapidly produced Axure prototypes provided Radley+Co with an accurate assessment of what changes would be successful before implementing them on the site.

The Results

Since implementing the changes to the checkout process, checkout conversion has increased by 10 per cent and checkout abandonment has been reduced by 28 per cent year on year.

Radley+Co have embraced conversion rate optimisation and have recently placed RedEye’s UX experts in charge of their multivariate testing (MVT). Having user experience experts managing the research and MVT process has proved to be a winning blend of expertise and agile technology.

“RedEye’s data driven approach has really helped us understand how we can optimise our site. Not only does RedEye provide us with expert advice, but their innovative process has enabled us to see for ourselves what is working and what is not. The sophisticated tools they use for prototyping and user experience analysis provide real value. When working with RedEye we know we’re going to make the right decisions when it comes to optimisation.” Sarah Chambers, Radley+Co