Agency: RedEye

RedEye worked with Penhaligon’s to undertake A/B Testing to optimise their product page design.

The Challenge

RedEye’s UX & Conversion Rate Optimisation team are always on hand to help our clients optimise their website. Penhaligon’s came to RedEye as their product pages, which contain important information, had issues with clarity and readability. The product page was picked for testing as it became clear that the product information on the page was not prioritised in a way that encouraged users to make a purchase.

The Solution

RedEye have been carrying out a programme of tests for Penhaligon’s. This test focused solely on the product pages with the aim of re-prioritising them.


Changing the layout of the product details page will make the product information clearer to users, leading to an increase in engagement.

RedEye created a variation that could be used to test against the current product page, which acted as the control.

Variation One

The product page was redesigned to give it a more hierarchical structure. When looking at the variation you will be able to see:

  • The Blasted bloom perfume logo was removed to reduce clutter
  • The title, product type, pricing and description were left aligned to give a more uniformed feel
  • The ‘head/heart/base notes’ were moved to sit below the pricing and quantity/add to bag information
  • The ratings/reviews were moved to below the description to reflect the more hierarchical structure
  • The breadcrumb navigation was removed to give the page a cleaner feel
  • The 100ml/50ml option was turned into a dropdown functionality
  • The add to bag button was changed from hot pink to burgundy to reflect the more mature feel to the pag.

The Results

The redesign of the page was a success and the testing implemented to assess this highlighted a 16.2 per cent uplift in revenue with 92 per cent significance.

Another success found in the test was the bottle size menu. The addition of the drop down feature saw an increase in engagement of 14,503 per cent with 99 per cent significance.

The results showcase how a simpler product page, organised in the order a customer needs the information, leads to better results.


“The results for this test speak for themselves. The new, clear structure created for our product page is a great success, which is highlighted by the significant increase in revenue seen from the page, we are very pleased!” Digital Marketing Manager, Penhaligon’s