Agency: Exponential

Exponential helped Penguin Books promote their new book ‘The Seamstress’ using its premium audience engagement in-banner engagement format, Firefly Video

Advertiser brief

Exponential worked with Penguin to help them increase awareness of their new book ‘The Seamstress’.

The main objectives were:

  • To drive awareness of the book
  • To encourage consumers to sample the book
  • To engage their audience and drive purchase intent


To increase awareness and purchase intent, Exponential used its premium user initiated engagement product Firefly Video, to deliver an impactful campaign. Penguin wanted to showcase a short sample of the book that could be read within the advert. The campaign was measured on a cost-per-engagement metric to ensure no media spend wastage.


Exponential built a bespoke branded Firefly Video unit that encouraged customers to view a rotating animation of the book and read a scrollable extract as well as interact with social media options enabling them to click through to the Penguin website and the Facebook fan page. It also encouraged customers to purchase the book offering three alternatives (a high street retailer, e-reader download site or the book’s publisher site) dependant on preference and to view reader reviews of the book.


Average time spent in the unit was an impressive 22.84 seconds. A view-through rate of 3.68 per cent, an interaction rate of 3.71 per cent within the Firefly Video unit and delivered in excess of 37,000 engagements.