Agency: RedEye

RedEye worked with Payplan on conversion rate optimisation and driving leads.

The Challenge

For debt management and advice companies such as Payplan a key objective of the website is getting users to submit their details through an online form. As well as the usual contact form, Payplan had introduced a specific ‘debt help request’ form to entice users to seek advice.

Aware the form should be tested to find the best performing design, layout and tone of language, Payplan began using a 3rd party A/B MVT tool. However, the company soon found they were wasting valuable time and resource using in-house developers, and its trial and error method was failing to produce conclusive results. To improve its efforts, Payplan recognised it needed a structured approach to A/B MVT and a more agile tool that was less reliant on technical resource.

The Strategy

Payplan worked with RedEye to implement a structured approach to testing that looked at the whole website, and the effect each part played in contributing to conversion, rather than just focusing on one single element.

The process began with RedEye’s Conversion Rate Optimisation team compiling in a single repository all existing analytical data, customer insights and historical A/B/MVT findings. RedEye and Payplan mutually agreed, one of the issues hindering Payplan’s previous attempts at testing was a lack of customer experience insight. Without this knowledge it was impossible to derive clear substantiated ideas to test around or devise the best way to improve the debt help request form.

RedEye’s user experience (UX) team was responsible for conducting competitor benchmarking group research sessions, which resulted in numerous insights into how its target audience use Payplan’s website and how they rated it against competitors. The insights included feedback from the participants and observations from the UX team. All helped Payplan understand the issues and most importantly identify the biggest opportunities for optimising the site.

The insights can come from different sources, in Payplan’s case apart from the competitor groups research insights were also gathered from analytics, expert UX/usability reviews and previous A/B MVT results. With all the insights in one place, RedEye created different hypotheses of suggested elements to test. For each action a score was given relating to the impact it would have on conversion and the level of confidence RedEye had that the change would have a positive impact on conversion (confidence rating). Using this system RedEye and Payplan could systematically agree what needed to be tested, and how tests should be prioritised. During this time a ‘what to test’ workshop was also conducted, enabling RedEye and Payplan to review ideas, discuss concerns and ensure all test ideas were focused on the business goals.

Using this information RedEye helped Payplan pull together a structured test plan. To help with this RedEye’s UX team developed design variants indicating exactly what changes would look like. This provided Payplan with the opportunity to assess some of the suggested changes and provide feedback, before any changes were made to the site (saving time, effort and money).

To conduct the testing RedEye introduced Payplan to a much simpler A/B MVT tool. The tool doesn’t rely on developers to build different variations of the page so changes can be quickly implemented. This saved Payplan time and money, since the effort of hard coding the changes was only applied for those that showed a successful result. This allowed Payplan to start an iterative testing process, which was key to achieving great results.

Once each test was live, RedEye monitored the results daily. All results were reported to the business and documented. After results were gathered, RedEye’s UX and analytics team pointed out insights gained and possible next steps. Following the tests several changes were made to the website and specifically to the ‘debt help request’ form.

The Results

In only four months of having the CRO process in place, Payplan has launched six optimisation tests across the website. All these tests resulted in great insights for the company, and contributed to smart next steps decisions.

As a result of changes made from this iterative back-to-back testing process, Payplan achieved a successful 11 per cent uplift in conversion.


“At Payplan we were looking to drive more leads from existing traffic by improving the user experience of our website. We had tried multivariate testing (MVT) ourselves, but quickly realised we needed a structured process to make sure we weren’t wasting valuable resource on testing the wrong things. We have been immensely impressed with RedEye’s Conversion Rate Optimisation for A/B/MVT solution. We now know exactly what the purpose of each test is and what it means for the business. RedEye’s approach drives our A/B/MVT from user xperience insights – identifying opportunities, designing test variations, measuring results and suggesting next steps – which has resulted in a dramatic improvement in ROI from testing.” Neill Slane, Payplan Totemic Ltd.