Agency: Exponential

Exponential division, Tribal Fusion, helped MTV promote their new series of hit show Punk’d using its premium audience engagement video format platform


MTV approached Tribal Fusion to help them increase awareness of the upcoming new series of hit show Punk’d. The main objectives were:

• To drive awareness

• To drive viewing intent

• To engage and excite their target audience

• Measure brand uplift


To increase awareness and viewing intent, Tribal Fusion used its premium user initiated engagement product Firefly Video, to deliver an impactful campaign.

Tribal Fusion built a multi-video unit showcasing Punk’d trailers and additional video content.
The campaign was delivered on a cost per engagement metric to ensure no media spend wastage.


Tribal Fusion built a bespoke branded Firefly Video unit for MTV that enabled customers to watch a variety of trailers:

• Once the user engaged with a MPU teaser unit, a classic Firefly Video ad was served. This promoted the video player, thus driving audience attention towards video views

• There were options to click through to the website and the Facebook fan page

• The unit was targeted towards entertainment enthusiasts in contextually relevant environments

• The campaign included a free Vizu study assessing the ad’s impact on viewing intent

• The question asked was ‘How likely are you watch the season premiere of MTV’s Punk’d on Thursday March 29th?’


Tribal Fusion delivered:

• A CTR of 7.8 per cent (nearly double the average CTR) was achieved

• Twelve per cent of engagers watched the full two minute video

• Average time spend in the unit was 16.4 seconds

• The Vizu study showed a 19.5 per cent uplift in those who were either definitely or probably going to watch the premiere as a result of engaging with the Firefly Video unit

Read the blog and download the results here.