Morgan Clark

Agency: Browser Media Ltd

Morgan Clark is the UK’s most established and trusted loss assessing firm. Since 1999, Morgan Clark has successfully helped thousands of home and business owners manage complicated insurance claims.

The Challenge

Morgan Clark approached Browser Media in 2014 having grown frustrated with a lack of organic growth and underwhelming website performance more generally.

In order to reverse this trend, we had to overcome two major challenges. Firstly, very few people understood the industry or were aware of the services offered by Morgan Clark, and consequently, search volumes for target keywords were very low. Secondly, the nature of the business meant that demand was influenced heavily by a number of external factors, namely, the weather.

It quickly became apparent that in order to attract more visitors to the website, we would not only have to find and educate new audiences, we’d also have to develop a strategy that delivered results during typically quieter periods.

The Strategy

Following a technical audit of the website and a refresh of its main landing pages, we implemented a content strategy that was designed to attract and educate prospective clients. What’s more, to ensure year-round results, it was important to create both seasonal and evergreen content that would attract visitors consistently.

How we achieved it:

  • In-depth keyword research was undertaken to identify relevant search terms and potential content themes
  • Investigative research into the issues faced by target audiences, including social media and forum monitoring
  • Writing guest articles for relevant consumer and B2B publications, with the intention of introducing the brand to a wider audience, whilst also obtaining valuable backlinks to help ensure long-term SEO success
  • Developed a blog strategy built primarily around long-tail keyword searches, e.g. providing answers to very specific industry or service related questions, aimed at attracting new, curious users
  • Published long-form content and ‘how to’ guides that served as both organic landing pages and link building collateral
  • Created content optimised specifically for featured snippet (‘position zero’) search results.
  • Worked closely with Morgan Clark’s UX team to ensure that all content pages were both search and conversion-friendly.

The Results

Since 2014, Morgan Clark’s organic website visits have grown from a few hundred per month to several thousand, and crucially, enquiries have increased too.

In comparison with 2014, 2018 growth of:

  • Organic traffic was up 577 per cent
  • Enquiries were up 350 per cent
  • Blog visits were up 642 per cent.

Additionally, the average time on each page was up approximately two minutes.

This growth can be attributed mainly to the fact that Morgan Clark is now more visible in search results for both its core target search terms and a diverse range of long-tail alternatives. By creating content that puts the user first, we have not only improved website visibility, we’ve also helped build brand authority and trust, which in turn is helping to drive more conversions.

“I have been lucky enough to work closely with the team at Morgan Clark for close to five years now, and the results we have achieved during this time have been remarkable. Operating in a highly competitive and somewhat misunderstood industry is never easy, but by implementing a creative, content-led strategy that focuses primarily on the needs of users, we have increased visibility and brand awareness significantly, giving Morgan Clark the wider audience it deserves.” Matt Batterham, Account Director, Browser Media