Agency: MMT Digital

Martini worked with MMT Digital to create a microsite for a competition celebrating a new partnership with the Williams Formula 1 team. MMT Digital discuss the project

The brief…

To celebrate the new partnership between Martini and the Williams Formula 1 team, a competition was launched by the newly formed Williams Martini Racing. We were approached to create a microsite for this competition which needed to incorporate a video game built by a specialist agency. The competition was global and involved the use of access codes (needed to play the game) that were printed on the back of labels on Martini products.

The microsite needed to be fully responsive so that users could play the game on all devices. It also needed to be completely translated for localised sites and made easy to content edit.

What we did…

We used the CMS platform Kentico to create the microsite. We worked with a London design agency called Mr President to transform their designs into a fully responsive framework. This ensured that users were able to play the game on all devices.

As the competition was truly global, we redeveloped the age gate to allow for the IP geo location to be identified. The user is then redirected to their local market website eg UK, US, Germany etc.

In terms of the competition mechanics, we implemented functionality to validate codes and calculate the scores from the game.

People who achieved a certain score were then automatically contacted via Facebook and asked to upload photos of themselves drinking Martini onto the Martini Facebook page. The public then voted for their favourite entrant. Therefore, integrating with Facebook was fundamental.

The results…

The project generated 38000 votes across 10 unique Facebook apps. There were over 100000 individual plays of the game.

The competition has been a worldwide success for Martini, not only in terms of brand image and brand awareness for the newly formed Williams Martini Racing partnership, but also for the direct sales of Martini products.