Land Rover

Agency: Exponential

Exponential and Land Rover attached a Vizu study to a recent brand awareness campaign for the Evoque model that showed a 172.6 per cent lift in favourability


Exponential and Land Rover worked together to promote the new Land Rover Evoque through a brand awareness campaign. The key objectives were:

• To offer an efficient and economical brand awareness tool for the Land Rover brand

• To raise brand awareness of Land Rover’s new model, Evoque

• To create an impactful interaction improving brand favourability


The digital focus in the auto industry is to increase brand awareness during a customer’s consideration phase and ensure that the car is on their offline short list. To achieve this, Exponential used its premium user initiated engagement product Firefly Video to deliver a high quality branding campaign. Exponential included a free-of-charge Vizu brand engagement study to affirm the impact of the campaign.


Exponential built a bespoke branded Firefly Video unit for Land Rover incorporating:

• A video unit with hyperlinks through to the Land Rover website

• Click-through tabs to discover more about the Land Rover Evoque and to book a test drive

• Social sharing options through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links

• The Vizu brand study asked one question to two audience groups. One group was exposed to the Evoque FFV unit and the other not. Both were asked the same question; ‘Which of the following cars do you prefer.’ (See image).


The campaign delivered:

• 172.6 per cent more users said they preferred the Land Rover Evoque after viewing the Firefly Video advert

• Average time users spend engaging with the unit was 14.2 seconds

• Making effective use of the brochure download, test drive booking and social sharing, the campaign achieved a CTR of 8.78 per cent

• The campaign achieved 4 per cent above the promised engagement rate.

Land Rover   Land Rover