International Personal Finance

Agency: BlueVenn

The Challenge

International Personal Finance (IPF) is a leading home credit and digital provider of consumer finance, first established as a division of Provident Financial in 1997. IPF has been a long-standing customer of BlueVenn (since the company was a part of Provident Financial), having used its marketing tools since 2006.

Nevertheless, after learning about the powerful functionalities of the new BlueVenn marketing platform the decision was made to upgrade IPF’s marketing software solution in four of its international markets.

“Currently data is held in product systems and databases that are updated on a daily or weekly basis. The ability to deal with information more timely than we can at the moment, with a system that can be updated to drive activity in near time or real-time, will be key for us.” Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development, IPF

With so many territories to manage, some with their own specific requirements and varying levels of existing user experience, a bespoke upgrade plan was needed to create a stable foundation for future marketing success. Ian added that, “The new solution will be critical to help us with the increasing digitisation of our business and marketing automation”.


In Poland, Hungary and Romania, BlueVenn implemented an updated version of its existing analytics tool, along with the underlying database and a training program to bring staff up-to-date with the latest features of the analytic technology and administrational management of the database engine.

In Mexico, where the company has experienced significant growth, IPF took the opportunity to deploy the new and most advanced BlueVenn Marketing Platform.

“In our existing markets we have some people comfortable with the concept of databases and individual selections and ordering things in that way. Whereas our team in Mexico bought into the concept of visually understanding the journey that we’re going to take a customer on.” Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development, IPF

“Safe to say, they loved [the BlueVenn marketing platform] and thought it was exactly what they wanted,” he adds. This centrally hosted marketing tool incorporates the BlueVenn multi-channel, multi-wave campaign management functionality, complete with additional features and an intuitive user interface.

“With the previous solution, it is more about campaigns and structured activity – but you don’t see the interaction between these campaigns and therefore how the customer interacts. With the BlueVenn marketing platform, you can visually create a journey, see how it links to others and match our campaign planning to the journey that a customer is taking outside of our organisation. It’s a much better way to think about the conversations we are having with our customers.” Ian Longley, Group Head of Customer Development, IPF


With these new and upgraded tools in place, backed up with comprehensive training for deep understanding of the technologies, International Personal Finance have the ability to structure, segment and suppress data, accurately target its customers and launch relevant marketing campaigns.

This new solution empowers International Personal Finance with new ways to delve into its customer data, extract insight and gain a deeper understanding of its customer base, whatever country they are deployed in.

With an up-to-date solution running efficiently and effective on a supported platform, IPF will benefit from a common data model across all markets, more efficient processing of data and high speed marketing analytics integrated with campaign and customer journey management.


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