Agency: Curated

The Challenge 

Hobbs are a high end fashion retailer operating in the UK, specialising in women’s clothing,

Since dipping their toes into the world of digital marketing, Hobbs never really considered paid social as a tool for acquisition. This is where Curated stepped in. They could see that the brand should consider utilising remarketing over social media to help drive low-cost traffic and cost-per-click. This method was industry standard.

The Strategy 

Curated’s process began by researching who they believed Hobbs buyers were online — from existing customer personas to potential new customers. This research helped inform campaigns going forward for the brand in-house, as well as their own activity.

It allowed Curated to create highly targeted messaging for these different personas; often when running a multiplicity of campaigns. These often revolved around trending themes. A really clever example of this, however, were seasonal events. When wedding season came around, for instance, Hobbs decided to target people who were attending the wedding, rather than the bride. What might they need? Each campaign was broken down in correlation to Curated’s audience research, and each featured unique imagery and messaging specifically tailored for them.

Aligning these bespoke campaigns with paid search really helped them to ramp up positive results. Both worked in tandem together, and both helped inform the other. For example, if a certain type of shoe was selling really well via paid search, Curated would remarket those who hadn’t converted through social messaging at a certain point in the user journey.

The budget they had at the start was relatively minor, and they had to prove ROI for social with it. Now, we all know that social is at its best when your goal is boosting awareness for something, so this was quite a tricky task to prove — Curated needed to show sales. Happily, their campaigns were doing just that. They could see that paid social was influencing the sale process, with the help of paid search. Within three months, they had tripled ROI.

The Results

  • Time on site increased by 60% within 5 months
  • Ad CTR increased by 600%
  • Revenue increased exponentially
  • Over 8 months, total sales quadrupled
  • At 10 months, Hobbs’ investment in paid social trebled
  • Curated reduced average CPC by 75%.



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