Agency: RedEye

RedEye worked with Hays to increase engagement on their job listing pages.

The Challenge

Hays, a leading recruitment specialist, was looking for a way to encourage potential applicants to pick up the phone to their dedicated consultants more frequently when applying for jobs online, rather than potentially give up on an application.

The challenge for Hays was that, although they wanted to increase the number of users reaching out to consultants via telephone, they did not want to compromise on the number of users submitting applications online.

On the Hays website the consultant details were available on the job details page. However, this page held a great deal of information which meant that the consultant details could, at times, be overlooked by the users.

The Solution

Hays came to RedEye’s Conversion Rate Optimisation team for their expertise to help solve this challenge.

RedEye’s solution was to add an additional call to action (CTA) to the page, which was in-line with the ‘Apply Now’ CTA. By placing the CTA in-line with the ‘Apply Now’ button, which is the main call to action, the user’s attention would be drawn to the other desired action.

When the ‘Talk to a Consultant’ CTA was clicked, an overlay would appear showing the details of the consultant. The purpose of the ‘Talk to a Consultant’ overlay was to draw the attention of this feature to the user immediately, in turn making it easier to get in contact with a consultant.

The Results

Following testing on this new variation, results showed that introducing a CTA next to the ‘Apply Now’ button improved engagement with the site. Hays saw a 3.75% increase in engagement with the new ‘Talk to a Consultant’ CTA.

Another success was the result that the new CTA did not have a negative impact on the number of users clicking the ‘Apply Now’ CTA, which was the desired outcome.


“RedEye’s CRO team are always on hand to come up with design solutions for the challenges we face online. This particular test showcases the fresh ideas RedEye bring to the table and the results that our work together can achieve.” Head of Online, Hays