Hachette Giving Bibles

Agency: MMT Digital

The brief

Hachette UK is a leading publishing group, made up of several publishing companies and owned by Hachette Livre, the second largest trade and educational publisher globally.For a new digital start up initiative, Hachette wanted to enable people to donate Bibles to local churches and organisations such as youth groups, Street Pastors and Foodbanks through an integrated e-commerce platform.

Organisations would be able to create their own appeal, request the Bible packages desired and promote their page to receive donations.

What we did

We designed and built the brand identity and e-commerce platform GivingBibles.com for Hodder Faith which allows local churches and organisations to create campaign pages for their cause, and donors to fulfil those campaigns. The customer-centric user experience across the site was created specifically for both campaigners and donors.

Organisations can easily choose the packages of Bibles they need and can personalise their donation page by adding text, images and videos. Once a page is published, campaigners then market it to potential donors using various channels such as social media and email distribution.

For a potential donor, the site is easy to navigate they simply choose the products they would like to donate from a list selected by the church or organisation and are then directed to an external payment gateway. We created a streamlined payment process using an API integration with Hachette’s distribution service, Bookpoint, automating the link between placement of the order and distribution.

The platform was built using Drupal 8 and Pantheon, perfect for a start up project because it provides off-the-shelf integration and deployment, saving time on infrastructural setup. This fitted in nicely with our lean ethos and Agile (Scrum) process – iterating on a potentially releasable version of software at the end of every sprint. Drupal enables content management so Hodder Faith have control over the site and can keep it up to date.

The results

  • 2 Completed appeals within two months
  • 20 Appeals live within two months

Hachette are extremely pleased with the website and the user experience for both donors and recipients. Due to the way we have developed the platform, it can be redesigned and re-purposed for similar projects that Hachette wish to roll out in other sectors. This provides Hachette with an exciting range of possibilities for additional revenue streams for the business.