Agency: Jaywing

Private horseracing stable Godolphin tasked Jaywing with the redesign of its website. Here Jaywing talk us through the construction of its award-winning site


Godolphin is the Maktoum family’s private horseracing stable. What started in 1992 with a handful of horses has evolved to become the most successful and reputable horse racing stables in modern history.

Godolphin had over 20 years of horse racing data: every horse, jockey, trainer and course, for every race that Godolphin has ever run and they wanted it to be easily accessible on any device. This was the challenge we faced when we re-launched website in January 2013.


Godolphin teamed up with the Racing Post to deliver all its racing data and article content. We quickly recognised that the real challenge was to deliver a user experience that made such a massive and complex data set easy to understand.

So we developed a bespoke CMS, not constrained by the functionality of any pre-built solution and speed optimised to cope with the large amount of data moving between the Racing Post and the site.

To create a rich, intuitive user experience we made sure data from the Racing Post is woven into the fabric of the site, rather than being provided by a simple news feed.

The front end of the site uses many best practice development features to keep the user forefront of mind whilst keeping the content easily editable in the CMS. We included mega-menus in to the site design to help users quickly find what they are looking for with fewer clicks. The mixed-media galleries allow multiple types of content to be uploaded while the tag-based relational content helps users and browse content easy.


The new site and CMS system has helped the in-house marketing team become more efficient and faster to market with new content.

Integrating the site article data into Twitter and providing result information within minutes of races being run has given visitors up to the minute information and Godolphin a competitive edge. Thanks to the improved CMS, which has a better admin user experience and streamlined coding, the content editing process is faster. Now, less resource is spent on administrative tasks and more time spent on generating quality content. The site was very well received by the admin team whose workload has reduced dramatically since its launch.

The success of the new site is recognised by the fact it won a W3 Gold Award for Usability.