Ford S-Max

Agency: Exponential

Exponential helped Ford raise awareness of its S–MAX model and its active lifestyle features in conjunction with the Ford-branded Channel 4 surf film The Endless Winter

Ford partnered with Exponential to help to drive favourability and awareness of its new model and features. The main objectives were to prove the S-MAX suits an active lifestyle, to improve favourability of the model and brand and to drive users from the creative to the Channel 4 and Ford websites.


To increase awareness of the car, Exponential used Tribal Fusion half-page ads that would combine a large share of voice on the page with broad reach. To drive further favourability, a Firefly Video engagement unit was used for audiences to engage with. Both units were delivered across Exponential’s UK display network, with the Firefly Video unit executed on a cost-per engagement metric.


Both the half-page and Firefly Video creative featured an auto-play video along with four distinct calls to action to drive users to the Channel 4 website, the S-MAX information page, the brochure request page and the test drive request page.

The Firefly Video unit also had icons to drive users to the relevant Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. The background of the Firefly Video unit took the user through to the film’s branded website.


Exponential delivered over 5.2 million half-page unit impressions and 35,000 Firefly Video engagements simultaneously over the course of 25 days. The half-page ad achieved a CTR of 0.14 per cent which was 4 per cent above target. The Firefly Video engagement unit achieved a view-through rate of 4.5 per cent. The average time spent in the Firefly Video unit was 17 seconds.