Duke And Dexter

Agency: Avenue Digital

Duke and Dexter are a British men’s footwear brand, specialising in bringing a fresh touch to classic styles.

The Challenge

Although Duke and Dexter already had a number of high-profile, celebrity customers, they required assistance to drive online sales and business growth.

Avenue Digital were appointed to help in a number of key areas; display, Google Shopping, paid social, analytics, reporting and to run progressive PPC.

The Strategy

Avenue noticed that Duke and Dexter needed to pay more attention to their PPC activity, as it was an important way for them to generate revenue.

They looked to improve their strategy by using Avenue’s best practice methodology and ad group structure. By implementing these new structures and methodologies, it was identified that the account they had been using was inaccurately recording conversions.

In terms of paid social, Avenue saw that Duke and Dexter’s Facebook could be used more efficiently. They helped them to set out a clear budget for their campaigns, so they would optimise results without overspending.

The Results

Avenue successfully improved Duke and Dexter’s performance efficiency through a PPC and paid social account restructure, ensuring a best practice approach to retail.

This achieved an overall account increase of:

  • 77 per cent in Click-Through Rate
  • 47 per cent improvement in Cost Per Click
  • 76 per cent improvement in Cost Per Acquistion
  • 126 per cent improvement in Conversion Rate
  • 351 per cent increase in Return On Ad Spend.

“Absolutely brilliant ROAS increase, so really well done.” Archie Hewett, Founder & Director, Duke and Dexter.