Agency: MMT Digital worked with MMT Digital to expand the marketing campaign

The brief…

If you haven’t seen the adverts over the last few years, involving Aleksandr Orlov and the rest of his meerkat friends, then you probably haven’t got a TV. approached MMT Digital after watching us present at an event dedicated to agile project management. They wanted to find a web development company to work with them on expanding the marketing campaign.

This involved working on to complement TV adverts for specific campaigns, for example the introduction of Baby Oleg!

What we did…

A senior solutions architect and a senior developer from MMT Digital were integrated into the offices to become members of the development team.

Like ourselves, champion the agile project management methodology. As a result, our employees instantly fitted into the team. We provided extra capacity to help meet a very tight deadline that had been set for the new webpages. like to work in a test-driven fashion. Therefore, we wrote lots of unit, integration and JavaScript tests before releasing the pages. The pages were built in Episerver and needed to have a desktop and mobile version with completely different styling on each.

The results…

We created over 100 content pages in two days. has seen a 22 per cent decrease in drop off rate.

Our partnership with has been a great success for both parties. The work that we do with continues to be pivotal for the success of their high profile marketing campaigns such as Meerkat Movies.