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Agency: MMT Digital

MMT Digital were tasked with redeveloping the and websites in time for the launch of their Meerkat Movies campaign

We were first introduced to Aleksander Orlov, founder of, in 2009. Since then he has become an advertising A-lister. In 2015, in order to position themselves as more than just a trusted customer resource for finding financial products online, launched the first in a series of value-added rewards for the brand’s customers with Meerkat Movies.

This was a huge campaign, featuring none other than Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Alongside the TV ads, which star Arnie with Orlov and his sidekick Sergei, digital activity also includes Orlov interviewing the Terminator star.

In time for the launch of this campaign, the team at wanted to completely redevelop the existing Market and Meerkat sites from the inside out. As well as the redesign, they outlined three key objectives which they needed to achieve: to make the pages responsive instead of adaptive; to cut down development and content build times; and to improve accessibility. With all of this to complete in time for the launch, we faced a huge task.


As well as redesigning the sites so that they were modernised and in line with the branding of the rest of the campaign, we decided to make technical advances to improve the user experience. The branding of the website needed to be consistent and reflect the rest of the campaign. Like ourselves, champion the agile project management methodology. This has meant the partnership has flourished as we are able to work together effectively as we share an agile philosophy. We worked collaboratively to achieve the goals set through constant measuring and learning using real data.


We enabled it so that content management is hugely improved – content can now simply be dragged and dropped. We have provided with a future-proof site that will save hours of employee time. More than 100 pages were created in two days at launch, which previously would have taken around a fortnight to do.

From a user point of view, we ensured that the site is more responsive, faster loading and more accessible, which means an altogether better experience for customers. Page load times have been reduced to decrease drop off rates as consumers demand instant access.

Accessibility is much improved and is now best-in-class within the sector. Many pages have reached the AA accessibility standard with an aim to improve this yet further.


Page load times are now dramatically reduced – the full page load of the site has dropped from 3.2 seconds to just 1.8 seconds. This may seem a small improvement; however, drop-off rates have been reduced by an impressive 22 per cent due to this improved user experience.

More customers are now able to find what they are looking for quickly, instead of leaving the site. Big gains have also been recorded in search engine results.

The project was delivered in record time to ensure the new sites were ready in time for the launch of the advertising campaign. We were able to ensure that Orlov and Arnie’s debut passed without a hitch.