Christie & Co

Agency: MMT Digital

The brief…

Christie & Co buy and sell businesses to corporate and independent clients in the hospitality, healthcare, medical and retail sectors. They also provide corporate services such as brokerage, surveying and investment to their corporate clients. They have two sister companies, Christie Finance and Christie Insurance, which both sit under The Christie Group. They approached us with a view to rebranding their entire web estate. It was important to find a way to promote each of their diverse services individually whilst still maintaining an overall brand consistency. With the site having not been updated for 17 years, it was time for an overhaul.

What we did…

We completely rebranded and rebuilt the main Christie & Co website along with both Christie Finance and Christie Insurance. The new branding was key for this project and their branding and design agencies ensured that the designs provided were consistent across the whole web estate whilst ensuring that all three sites were able to be clearly promoted individually. We then had the job of ensuring that the website was developed in a way to meet the company’s business requirements.

A number of complex integrations were implemented to ensure a constant sync between their existing CRM (Salesforce) and the new website. Salesforce was being utilised at Christie & Co. to manage the company’s property, customer and employee data. With such a large amount of essential data, we needed to ensure that the syncs were run in a timely fashion whilst not overloading the website which would affect performance.

We have enabled information on web users created or updated in Salesforce to be pulled through to the website and vice versa. This means that a single view of the customer is maintained across the two systems and it also allows Christie & Co. to use valuable information gathered through the website in their marketing activities so that can utilise content personalisation.

As Christie & Co are an international business, one of their requirements was to have the new site rolled out globally. Although the site had to have the ability to be translated fully, it also had to be flexible enough to adapt to each of the regions and the varying nature of the services they provided. Each site allows for both the English content and also the native language translations.

The business search we implemented is the heart of the Christie & Co. website, it performs spatial searches based on certain criteria. Users can specify locations using the “Draw Area” feature, they are then shown all of the properties within that area. The search is automatically extended to a larger area if the number of results returned falls below the minimum set, this maximises the number of properties that potential clients are exposed to.

The results…

The client is very happy with the new sites; they now have a cutting edge platform which effectively promotes each service whilst creating an overall brand consistency. Each international business now resides on the same platform and hosting infrastructure.

With the sophisticated integrations now in place, Christie & Co no longer need to update both Salesforce and their website, there is a constant sync between the two platforms which saves a huge amount of time. The two-way sync also allows conversion tracking to be carried out which is then populated back into Salesforce, enhancing the marketing opportunities that Christie & Co have.