BBC Weather

Agency: Exponential

The BBC partnered with Exponential to help to drive more users to its weather website. The main objectives were to drive awareness of BBC hourly forecasts, target mums planning outdoor activities and to increase regional weather website usage


To increase awareness of the BBC regional weather websites across the country, Exponential used Tribal Fusion Dynamic Ads to dynamically serve a tailored creative to regions in the UK.
Exponential used geo-location targeting to match creatives to the relevant regional BBC websites. The campaign was delivered on a CPM basis across Exponential network with an emphasis on female content sites.


Integration of  the BBC’s weather database with Exponential’s geo-targeting platform.

A dynamic creative for each region with specific location names and click through URLs were served.

Creative was delivered to over 1,000 UK locations delivering a highly personalised message to every user.

Campaign was optimised towards ‘female’ orientated environments.


Exponential delivered over 11.5 million impressions over the course of a  month and 500 variations to the creative at no extra cost to the advertiser. There was an average regional CTR 0.14 per cent which is over double the industry average and an overall CTR of 0.09 per cent which is 50 per cent above the industry average.