Agency: Ngoar

An enterprise level digital eco-system

Antalis is the leading professional paper distributor and provider of packaging and visual communication solutions in Europe, and the world (outside of the USA) with an international presence in 41 countries. The group provides one of the most extensive and diversified ranges of products and solutions in the market and offers its clients a high and ground breaking level of service in terms of customisation, expertise and logistics through its 123 distribution centres situated throughout the world.

The Challenge

Antalis’ web presence is strategically key in positioning the group as a leading on-line distributor selling products and innovative services. Internally, the challenge was to structure and implement the project as part of the digital transformation roadmap. The plan had to underpin their vision to strengthen Antalis as the leading and most trusted international business-to-business distributor of papers, packaging, visual communication, supplies, equipment and associated services. Antalis was looking for a trusted partner experienced in adapting business models to new market needs and able to help them jump ahead of the competition.

The Strategy

Antalis chose Ngoar as their digital partner for this new site. We collaborated in partnership to scope out, roadmap and develop a radical and robust digital transformation plan that would fully meet their business needs and future plans.

Ngoar are platform and technology agnostic. After conducting a thorough Discovery phase assessment of the Antalis digital ecosystem it was concluded that the best approach would be to build the new website on the Jahia platform.

The Results

  • Roadmapping the e-commerce digital transformation plan.
  • Re-engineering the new website.
  • Developing e-commerce platforms.
  • Creating and implementing innovative Social Media Wall plugin.

Ngoar’s partnership with Antalis has been a great success with a number of milestones achieved and targets reached.

These include totally re-engineering the Jahia-based website which will be launched into each of their country markets.

Easy to use, versatile and robust e-commerce platforms have been developed and implemented.

A bespoke designed multi-lingual translation tool has been created.

We have also created, built and implemented a unique social media wall plugin. This powerful, flexible module enables new content from multiple social networks to be constantly updated and easily visible in one place on the new site. It showcases news and trending topics so the website is constantly updated with dynamic new content, bringing a unique point of differentiation to the paper, graphic art and communication markets.

The social media wall delivers many benefits:

  • It displays powerful varied content from multiple social networks in one place on the website.
  • It keeps the website constantly up-to-date showcasing social media activity.
  • It curates content created by customers and so can reduce marketing communication costs.
  • It can be used to promote a wide rage of marketing activities such as: hashtags, campaigns, events, sales and more.
  • It increases social engagement and influencer marketing.
  • It creates loyalty and brand advocacy through User-Generated-Content.
  • It showcases news and trending topics for their business.
  • It enables dynamic internal communications so positively contributing to company culture and reinforcing the Antalis brand.

The core features of the Ngoar social media wall are:

  • Site-based social wall that can be built from one or more social networks.
  • Supported: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube.
  •  Configurable and filtered social streams by media type.
  • Search posts by text, hashtag, date etc.
  • Customizable update time.
  • UX friendly wall site component.
  • Safe search for Twitter and YouTube.
  • Optimised performance.
  • Unlimited number of social walls per site with unlimited streams per platform.
  • OSGi-compliant.