American Automobile Association

Agency: BlueVenn

The Challenge

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is the largest Automobile Association in the Northern American hemisphere. Within The AAA, the AAA Action Centre acts as an internal service bureau to clubs, specialising in data driven and CRM marketing solutions, and contracting for various technology driven marketing solutions and products on behalf of the association.

The AAA was looking for this new generation of analytical technology to increase the overall efficiency of their databases, and wanted to maintain multiple levels of data (household, individual, transaction) but not require data summarisation between levels.

They also wanted to be able to easily change the customer household view so that transactions, for instance, could be updated daily and weekly instead of quarterly and monthly.

The Strategy

In releasing its 4th generation intelligence platform, the Action Centre is now employing BlueVenn solutions. Using the databases centrally, Action Center supplies valuable data to its entire database clubs so they can better identify, understand and respond to the needs of their members.

Previously, data manipulation was done on the back-end. For example, if users wanted to look at a 36 month period verses a 12 month period, they had to request that different view. Now, using BlueVenn solutions, the user can stage data themselves, according to current business needs.

The marketing person designated at one of the various clubs may not be highly trained in this technology. With BlueVenn tools, there has been no need to re-train that person. The easy, drag-and-drop, highly visual nature of the tools lets these users maximise the value of their database in a clear, intuitive way.

The Results

Rather than relying only on a consolidated view of the customer, The AAA club marketer can now organise information into a business-centric view that lets them analyse such business concerns as how their cost centre is being used, or the stages of channel interaction. Where relational databases slowed down this process, BlueVenn tools dynamically build bridges across data to allow this critical business view.

Another key benefit has been the built-in spatial mapping feature, letting marketers identify and integrate accurate members’ geographic information into their campaign management.

BlueVenn solutions have proven their value with both immediate results and key improvements to AAA understanding and serving its customers’ needs.


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