Accessorize are a leading fashion retailer, specialising in accessories. They wanted to increase brand and product awareness with an interactive video campaign. Exponential discuss the work

Strategy and Execution

Accessorize’s video assets were hosted in the Firefly Video Illuminate creative. The Illuminate advertising format captures the users’ active attention through three stages to enrich the users’ experience with the brand:

• The view—an in-banner video teaser that broadcasts the 30 second video
• The sound—begins when the user hovers over the MPU for three seconds, causing the format to expand further to a 600×450 video player
• The motion—which after five further seconds sees the video player gradually move to the centre of the page, displaying a dedicated microsite

Designed by Exponential, the creative unit boasts a carousel showcasing Accessorize products. When a product was selected by clicking on it, the 30 second video spot was replaced with a larger image of that product, including more information and a ‘shop now’ call-to-action that was linked to the Accessorize website. The unit also includes a ‘discover the collection’ call-to-action which links to the website.

The Illuminate unit ran across the Exponential network and delivered over 10,000 engagements, employing a combination of contextual and behavioural data to reach the desired target audience.


The results show that the in-unit interaction rate, click-through-rate and dwell time surpassed the average UK benchmark figures, highlighting that users who interacted with the advert were engaged and responsive to the creative.

The campaign achieved:

– 44 second dwell time
– 8.34 per cent click-through rate
– 12.25 per cent in-unit interaction rate
– 0.70 per cent engagement rate