Whitepaper: 10 Predictions For The Affiliate Industry in 2019

by Awin

The global affiliate network Awin has released its annual predictions for the industry. The 2019 edition includes:

  • The increasing influence of Amazon in the digital ad space: in 2018 Amazon overtook Microsoft and Oath as the third biggest digital ad seller in the US, and has become the first port of call for many in the product search stage. 2019 should see Amazon increase their influence in the digital ad space, creating a ‘triopoly’.
  • International trade disagreements are hindering cross-border ecommerce growth: new isolationist ecommerce laws in China and Australia, combined with increased international tensions, could see a slowdown in the increase of cross-border ecommerce trade.
  • Emphasis on customer value rather than customer acquisition: Black Friday 2018 saw consumers buying more but spending less, with retailers focusing more on retaining customers than gaining new ones. Black Friday 2019 might reflect this even further.
  • 5G won’t revolutionise digital advertising just yet: 5G will increase internet speed and page load time, negating the need for ad blockers. Ads themselves will be able to deliver a far higher quality. However, in 2019 we are unlikely to see the mass adoption that is necessary to impact the shape and scale of advertising.
  • Web tax initiatives may squeeze ecommerce margins in 2019: Web taxes are being discussed in the USA and by the European commission, and have already been introduced in Italy. They are aiming to help out the struggling high street, but could lower the profit of ecommerce.

Awin’s whitepaper includes five additional points, covering: online tracking, Uber Affiliates, digital deadheading, content monetisation and automation. The whole report can be downloaded for free today.