Webinar Recap: How to Rank, Manage and Nurture Website Leads With Lead Scoring

by Hayley Bayliss MMT Digital

What is lead scoring and why should you use it? Tune into the sixth of MMT Digital’s 2017 webinar series, in which Richard Madigan, Kentico Consultant and Certified Marketer, explores the topic of lead scoring and how it can be used to generate sales-ready leads.

The Theory

Lead scoring is the process of ranking prospects against a scale to determine their value for your organisation. It allows you to focus the attention of your sales team on leads in order of priority, enabling you to achieve a number of improvements. These include an increase in sales efficiency and effectiveness, an increase in marketing effectiveness, alignment of marketing and sales goals, and an increase in revenue.

Is It Right For You?

Firstly, it is essential that you determine if lead scoring is right for your business. During the webinar, Richard covered the three essential questions you need to think about to determine if lead scoring is right for you.

Marketing Qualified Lead 

The webinar explores the main stages of lead scoring – firstly, how to determine the marketing qualified lead, to discover who your site visitors are and what they are doing on the site. The most complex elements of setting and using scores are also broken down, followed by a visual tour of Kentico’s lead scoring module, and an in-depth insight into the set-up process.

How is the marketing qualified lead useful in Kentico? Firstly, the notifications are really beneficial in order to alert your sales or marketing team, allowing leads to be acted on immediately. Marketing automation is also a useful tool – there is a trigger that you can have on any automation process that links directly to lead scoring, so you can set the lead scoring question and the value that you are expecting. If someone hits that value, they’ll be moved into this process, and more complicated notifications and statuses can then be set up.

How Is Lead Scoring Handled In B2C? 

B2C is a different animal than B2B, as there is a larger volume of customers who are highly independent. The natural tendency in this sphere is to have automated purchase processes and completely skip lead scoring, with no insight into the identity of the customer or their behaviour. Richard reveals ways you can include lead scoring successfully, and achieve a happy medium between asking too much and asking nothing at all.

Watch the full webinar here to discover more insights about lead scoring within Kentico EMS.