The Ultimate Guide To Single Customer View

by BlueGroup BlueVenn

BlueGroup’s latest informative e-book introduces The Ultimate Guide To Single Customer View. With so many differing opinions and confusing misconceptions surrounding SCVs, BlueGroup have endeavoured to provide marketers with the information they need to traverse this much-contested area of your wider marketing strategy.

Obviously it’s important to remember that SCV “is not a product but is in fact a process that your data must follow to make it ready and suitable for marketing, analytics and insight.” It’s not something that you can source or purchase, but a vital practice that should be embedded within your wider marketing strategy and considered throughout your data handling process.




The e-book explains: “The Single Customer View sits at the heart of your marketing efforts, storing, processing and manipulating data from multiple sources. It presents this data in a structured, clean database with a single record for each customer and with each record enhanced by linking other pieces of information, perhaps from third party sources, to drive intelligence and insight.” Therefore it is the most effective way to view and review your customer touch-points, and identify key factors influencing your customer journey.

A comprehensive SCV strategy will lead to a much more streamlined process for connecting with your customers, and will “form the foundation of your 1-to-1 marketing efforts.” The benefits are huge, allowing for better segmentation and personalisation, and this consolidation of data allows for a more accurate database, fewer costly mistakes, and happier, more loyal customers.




The e-book also covers the vital topic of the GDPR and how this will affect your existing SCV strategy, and such important questions as “How do I get the business to commit?”, “Do I want a fixed price or agile development, and how the strategy can be adapted for B2B businesses.

To read more from BlueGroup on how to go the extra mile with SCV at your business, download the e-book here.